are we alone?

The author posing by an injured alien at Roswell;

I hope you can tell which is which.

Clue; one of them is a dummy, perhaps that doesn't help much.

UFO Museum at Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Astronomy Roadshow

Are We Alone? Book Website

This website supports the book

'Are We Alone? The Myth and the Science'

by Peter Bassett / Astronomy Roadshow planetarium

A printed book can only contain words and images. Websites can enhance any book on a new level by including animations, sounds and video clips. Most of the chapters in the book are listed here with extra corresponding media.

If you notice any broken - links, please let us know with the name of the chapter..

The book will be updated every few months. The mission of this book and others Pete has written is to get real science back on track from the wishy washy grey areas caused by conspiracy enthusiasts. This style of approach is being considered by the Department of Education to be added to the UK School Curriculum. Several schools are trialling it.